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Health Experts Say Certain Symptoms Should Never Be Ignored

Health experts say certain symptoms should never be ignored, even in the midst of the global health crisis.

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According to researchers at Jewish General Hospital in Canada, there was a 50% drop in patients worldwide going to the hospital with symptoms that could indicate a heart attack during the early months of the pandemic.

Freeman Health System Cardiologist Dr. Robert Stauffer says the story was similar here in the four states.

The longer you wait, the more complicated things are to fix, the longer you may have to be in the hospital, you know a lot of the time you have a heart attack now, they go in on a Tuesday and they go home on a Wednesday, it’s amazing I mean, the way we can control that and our goal is to get people out of the hospital as soon as possible, but if they come in and they have some kind of a complex issue because they waited, they may need to have open heart surgery, they may be here for 10 days, they may be here for a long time.


Stauffer says he believes there are still some patients that are waiting too long to come to the hospital because they are more concerned about the possible risk of getting COVID-19.

Sandesh Ilhe
Sandesh Ilhe
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