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FDA says dog food recall expands to multiple countries over toxin risk

The US Food and Drug Administration has highlighted yet another dog food recall, this one over the risk of salmonella contamination. As with humans who handle the food, dogs that eat food contaminated with salmonella at risk of becoming ill, plus they can then spread the infection to humans by, for example, licking their hands or face.

FDA says more dog food recalled in several states over salmonella risk

The recall was voluntarily announced by Albright’s Raw Dog Food company, which states that 67 cases of its Alright’s Raw Dog Food is being recalled over the risk of potential contamination with salmonella. Dogs that become infected may have various symptoms including bloody diarrhea and vomiting.

Humans, too, can be infected by salmonella in the dog food from handling it or touching surfaces that came in contact with the dog food. For this reason, dog owners in possession of this food should be sure to wash their hands after handling it and to disinfect any surfaces that come in contact with the food.

The recalled raw dog food is the company’s ‘chicken recipe’ packaged in 2lbs rolls. Each roll, according to the company, features the following identifier: “Lot number C000185, Best By 19 May 2021.” The company has received one report of illness in an animal.

Anyone who purchased this product is encouraged to return it to the store from which it was purchased for a refund. The recalled dog food was distributed in several US states:

– California
– Florida
– Illinois
– Indiana
– New Hampshire
– New Jersey
– Nevada
– New York
– Pennsylvania
– Tennessee

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