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Doctor released a memo saying the president received a dose of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail while he was recovering

President Donald Trump returned to the White House Monday night, and said he’s feeling great after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Trump was treated with an experimental drug cocktail during his stay at Walter Reed Hospital and his doctor released a memo saying the president received a dose of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail while he was recovering. The medication is still undergoing a clinical trial. The president also took Remdesivir, an antiviral drug.

“We in medicine practice what’s called evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based medicine is where you employ treatment-based on evidence. What the president’s team of doctors did was anything but evidence based. They just threw a bunch of things at the wall, because he’s the president, and hoped that he would get better,” Dr. Farhan Bhatti, a Lansing family physician, said.

Neither Remdesivir or Regeneron are available to the public and, according to Bhatti, not even close to what his average COVID-19 patient receives.

He said his average COVID-19 patient usually receives some supplemental oxygen. Patients who get to the point they need a machine to help them breath usually also receive steroids.

Bhatti said there is no reliable data to show the effectiveness of the drugs the president took.

“We don’t yet have any safety data or efficacy data for the antibody treatment that he received. He was inappropriately given steroids, because generally Dexamethasone is reserved for patients who are much sicker than he was,” Bhatti said. “I hope, and I would love to see a scenario where the antibody treatment ends up being efficacious, and safe, but we don’t have the data yet.”

Trump has since posted on social media that he’s feeling great.

“Frankly they’re miracles, if you want to know the truth. They’re miracles. People criticize me when I say that. But we have things happening that look like they’re miracles coming down from God,” the president said in a video released from the White House.

In a Tweet announcing he’d be leaving the hospital Monday, Trump wrote in part “don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.” Bhatti said the message runs counter to scientific data.

Prashant Tambe
Prashant Tambe
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