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Workhuman Launches Thank You Healthcare, A Global Gathering Place for Sharing Stories of Gratitude for Our Healthcare Heroes

Workhuman launched Thank You Healthcare, a global gathering place to share personal stories of thanks and gratitude to healthcare workers, and to witness the local impact of humanity across the globe during this time of crisis.

COVID-19 has created an incredible swell of public appreciation for today’s healthcare heroes – from car parades to standing ovations to public applause – and Thank You Healthcare is a virtual community for these emotions to allow humanity to shine through in these difficult times.

Thank You Healthcare’s Global Gratitude Map showcases the spread of gratitude across the globe using curated and collected thank you moments to healthcare workers fragmented across various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, to create an immersive graphic of global positivity. This interactive map is designed to be a powerful antithesis to the daily displays of the spread of the virus. It also shows the trends where gratitude hot spots continue to grow and emerge. From the map, individuals are encouraged to say Thank You to their personal healthcare connections by leveraging Workhuman’s global employee recognition product, specifically configured for recognizing the workers at the world’s hospitals.

“Workhuman has been leading the movement of gratitude in the workplace for more than 20 years, and during this unprecedented time, we knew it was our responsibility to do what we do best and facilitate gratitude toward one set of workers in particular – healthcare,” said Eric Mosley, Workhuman co-founder and CEO. “Thank You Healthcare is a reflection of the global recognition that everyone is feeling; it’s the consistent visualization of hope that we need to get through this time. We’re providing the world with a map to see all the good and enabling the community to actively participate to bring it to light.”

With more than 4 million moments of gratitude already shared, the global community aims to give those providing gratitude the feeling that they’ve been able to make a difference, while showing healthcare workers around the globe just how important they are.

“We know these are challenging times for healthcare workers and their families. Thank You Healthcare’s Global Gratitude Map showcases positivity hot zones, moments of gratitude to healthcare workers, and the aggregation of thank you,” said Steve Pemberton, Workhuman CHRO. “By sharing stories of gratitude and recognition with the world and by reading those moments shared by others, we are uplifted and hopeful. Thank You Healthcare is truly a global community where all people, particularly those in healthcare, can feel and know they are loved, supported, appreciated, and connected.”

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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