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The race for a COVID-19 vaccine

WLRN staff continues to add to community resource lists, including this article on where kids and families can get food while schools are closed, and this post about whether and where to get tested for coronavirus.


The dedicated website for the Florida Department of Health, including information about symptoms and numbers of cases, can be found here.

The dedicated website from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can be found here.

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Florida surpassed 637,000 positive cases of COVID-19 as Florida’s Department of Health confirmed an additional 3,571 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. Florida has a total of 637,013 confirmed positive cases, according to the state’s health department.

Monday’s update also included the announcement of 149 new deaths, increasing the statewide number to 11,650.

The race for a COVID-19 vaccine got a shot in the arm as the Palm Beach County trial started again after a delay.

The Phase III trial on the campus of JFK Medical Center for the highly anticipated AstraZeneca vaccine dosed its first patient on Friday. The trial started after The Palm Beach Post reported the Food and Drug Administration had delayed the start as it explored ways to bypass a U.S. test of the vaccine.

Thirty-one patients have received the first of two doses of the vaccine. The first patient was a 23-year-old Latinio man from Boynton Beach who lost seven family members to the novel coronavirus.

Publix has ended its effort to have customers go one way down aisles during the coronavirus pandemic in stores where local governments don’t require it.

The Lakeland-based grocery chain of more than 1,250 grocery stores added directional floor markers early in the pandemic to keep customers apart. They were removed over the weekend. Some customers had complained at times about the company’s rule.

“We implemented one-way aisles at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to help our customers understand and practice social distancing and over time, it has become widely understood and adopted into our routines,” said spokeswoman Maria Brous.

Sandesh Ilhe
Sandesh Ilhe
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