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The Indian Society of Central Wisconsin celebrates Diwali by giving back to healthcare workers

Each year Diwali is celebrated across the world even here in Central Wisconsin but during this pandemic the Indian Society couldn’t host it’s annual celebration however, they still found a way to give back and celebrate.

Keshani Bhushan, a Hospitalist for Marshfield Clinic Health System says,
“I don’t think this could’ve happened at a better time especially when we are dealing with a pandemic.”

Diwali is a Hindu celebration of triumph and light. “People of Indian origin celebrate light over darkness good over evil,” said Elvis Peter, a Cardiologist for Marshfield Health System.

To help people understand the importance of this holiday Dr. Bhushan put it into perspective, she said, “essentially in one word this is our New Year.”


A holiday the Indian society of Central Wisconsin celebrated for years Dr. Bhushan says the pandemic wasn’t going to stand in the way so they sponsored dinner for front line workers at Marshfield Weston Clinic.

“Our staff while they’re working hard I still see a sense of purpose,” said Dr. Peters.

Diwali is known as the festival of lights that light being reignited in our health care workers as they work tirelessly to keep themselves and our community safe.

“This is a moment where we can reflect on all the hard work that’s being put in but be hopeful and while we face this challenge there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” said Dr. Peters.

Organizers say this event while different from previous years can help build a stronger society as Central Wisconsin becomes more diverse.

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