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PHARM CBD Will Be Showcasing Their Products at ECRM’s Historic Virtual Conference

PHARM CBD will be showcasing its line of CBD products at ECRM’s Healthy Living/Vitamin and Nutrition Program for May. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference is a networking event geared towards matching established, as well as up-and-coming brands with potential retailers, and presents a big opportunity for PHARM.

PHARM CBD started as a family-owned and operated business in Bedford, Kentucky, and maintains this model still today, but with an ever-expanding reach into new retail markets. PHARM founders come from a diverse range of backgrounds, such as chemistry, pharmacology, agriculture, marketing, and education. Jointly owned by its five founding members, PHARM utilizes the specialized skill sets of all of its team members in creating the best in modern CBD products.

CBD sales have been on the rise throughout the United States over the past few years, with a projected spike in sales culminating in a five-year gain of 30% by 2024. But even in a market with so much competition, PHARM stands out for the product potency and consistency.

PHARM backs all of its CBD products with verifiable research to show that they will deliver the quality they promise. This presents a big advantage for PHARM in an industry that is at the precipice of an e-commerce boom. As more people are ordering products online, rather than spending time shopping in person, the ability to back up product claims with real science is crucial for success.

Even giants in the retail industry will be playing it safe, attending the May 18th – 21st program for ECRM virtually, through a web-based platform. This year’s virtual ECRM conference is groundbreaking in the world of B-to-B networking, allowing for an extremely fast-paced, high action conference, completely online.

Instead of meeting with potential buyers in person, companies like PHARM will have scheduled timeslots in which to display and discuss their products in a video conference with some of the biggest names in the retail world.

More online relationship building, as well as online buying and selling, could be the way of the future for retail as convenience, comfort, and safety take precedence for American consumers.

PHARM is prepared for an ever-changing market, with its all-in-one “seed to sale” model, which allows them to have a high level of control over their goods. PHARM grows, formulates, and manufactures its CBD products all in-house, so their products ship extremely fast.

“Most people are surprised by how fast our products ship to them,” says founder and CEO Evan Ogburn. “We’re able to handle all aspects of the manufacturing process without relying on outside help.”

In a retail market that is hungry for reliable, safe, desirable products that are able to ship quickly, PHARM CBD is sure to be a major player at ECRM’s Virtual Program.

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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