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MindMed Developing IP For Personalized Psychedelic Assisted Therapies

Mind Medicine Inc. , the leading neuro-pharmaceutical company for psychedelic inspired medicines, is developing technologies and analytics that seek to personalize psychedelic therapy experiences for a specific patient. The technology aims to optimize the dosing of MDMA, LSD and other psychedelics based on a patient’s profile. The R&D is taking place in collaboration with the University Hospital Basel’s Liechti Lab, the leading research center focused on the pharmacology of psychedelic substances.

A considerable problem for doctors, clinical researchers, and therapists is to understand and predict optimal doses of psychedelic inspired medicines for patients. 

Through its clinical research, Liechti Lab has identified novel ways to predict and also optimize the amount of a psychedelic dose and dosing regimen for therapy. In order to assemble a patient’s personalized dosing regimen and therapy session, MindMed and Liechti Lab’s analytics method aggregates multiple data and criteria of patients in a pre-dose screening and analysis process. MindMed intends to apply this personalized medicine approach to psychedelic assisted therapies for patients suffering from mental health and addiction issues. 

MindMed Co-Founder and Co-CEO JR Rahn said, “One size never fits all. Healing through psychedelics is a deeply personal process and we believe the personalization of psychedelic therapies is pivotal to the future of this fast growing field of medicine. Through such analytics and dosing technologies we hope to give patients the best possible outcome from their therapy experiences.” 

The University Hospital Basel, in collaboration with MindMed, has filed two separate patent applications that cover MDMA dose optimization and LSD dose response. MindMed has received the exclusive rights from the University Hospital Basel to commercialize the outcome of these patent applications on a global basis. 

University Hospital Basel’s Dr Matthias Liechti and Co-Inventor of the technology said “The dosing optimization approach includes dosing based on solid dose-response data, simple adjustments based on gender and body weight, but also includes pharmacogenetic and personality predictors to optimize dosing to induces specific mental states. MindMed has provided the long needed resources to ensure our Lab’s inventions can be further developed and hopefully reach the market faster and safer than ever before.”

MindMed possesses the world’s leading collection of human safety data and pharmacokinetics for both MDMA and LSD based on clinical studies. MindMed previously acquired the world-wide exclusive license to this collection of human safety data and pharmacokinetics on both LSD and MDMA from the University Hospital Basel. This data set is based on over 10 years of scientific and clinical research at the Liechti Lab.

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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