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Guthrie has begun their process of vaccinating the first wave of medical employees

Guthrie has begun their process of vaccinating the first wave of medical employees.

The workers being vaccinated are classified as COVID exposed or work inside units with high COVID exposure rates.


Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa. is acting as a hub for the healthcare network, the hospital received a shipment of 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine last week.

Guthrie expects to vaccinate 700 employees by the end of the day of Dec. 23.

Guthrie says they are confident in the safety and efficiency of the vaccine.

“We have not seen any serious reactions to the vaccines in the hundreds that we have given already so we’re really pleased with that because it parrallels what we’ve seen in the trials.” said Chief Quality Officer Dr. Michael Scalzone, he continues “We believe this is a safe and effective vaccine.”

Dr. Scalzone says they have seen some normal minor side effects like fatigue, sore arms, and muscle fatigue but he added that is a normal side effect of vaccines.

Robert Packer hospital is waiting for a shipment of the Moderna vaccine, at the time of writing this article the hospital is unsure of the quantity they will be receiving.

Guthrie facilities in Corning and Cortland received a shipment of the Moderna Vaccine on Dec. 22.

Guthrie is awaiting on additional guidance from the New York state and Pennsylvannia state health departments to vaccinate the next tier of employees and the public.

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