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Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has name Familia Dental

The Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has name Familia Dental the Small Business of the Year award winner. Familia Dental says they strive for equal healthcare for everyone in the Quad Cities.

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Tenisha DeRoin, Familia Dental’s Community Relations Coordinator, says they notice those in the Latino community are harder to reach and may not come in as frequently, “but we are working hard every day to change that narrative.”

The small business says they’ve served over 5,000 patients last year, half of them being children. One-third of all patients are Hispanic, says DeRoin. “A language barrier can become a real issue especially when it comes to health care. We want our patients to fully understand what’s going on, what the treatment being proposed may consist of, and what to expect during that treatment,” DeRoin adds.

Familia Dental is hoping to lessen that concern by ensuring their staff is able to communicate in the language the patient prefers. it’s a big deal for us to be able to give that information in a language that might be more preferred to some of our patients.

While the founder of Familia Dental wasn’t Latino, he was an immigrant who wanted to help those in need, says Judith Palma, the Communication Coordinator. Palma shares, dental care may seem too expensive for some people, and “it’s not always a priority for them. They’re taking care of their families or trying to get food on the table.” Palma goes on to say that the name Familia Dental helped re-emphasize who would be served and needing the care, helping make dental care more accessible.

DeRoin says Familia Dental started in the Quad Cities about six years ago, and they’re thankful for being recognized as the Small Business of the Year: “to see that we all of the effort that we put in is really paying off and that the community is recognizing us for what we do is just amazing. We thank the community for recognizing all of our efforts and we can, we promise to continue to keep up the good work”

Community relations is especially important for the business, according to DeRoin. Their next community event is a virtual community baby shower for new and expecting mothers, helping them learn how to keep them and their babies healthy. It’s on October 10th over Zoom. The next day will be a drive-up distribution for those mothers, giving away information from organizations that spoke in addition to car seats and cribs.

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Prashant Tambe
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