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Good Feeding teams up with Partnership for a Healthier America to fight childhood obesity.

New Zealand-based childhood nutrition company Good Feeding launched its resource center to provide information and advice on infant nutrition and health. The knowledge center will guide parents, caregivers, and pediatricians by providing the latest science-backed information on early flavor training to promote acceptance of vegetables in children and encourage healthier eating habits. This launch also supports its commitment to the ‘Shaping Early Palates’ initiative by Partnership for a Healthier America or PHA. Their joint mission is to promote healthy lifelong eating habits and fight childhood obesity. 

“Times like these have highlighted that good health and a robust immune system are more important than ever. Empowering parents and caregivers to set children on a healthy trajectory, ‘The start we all deserve’ can be the best gift a parent can give. At Good Feeding, we are collating the science and the knowledge to ensure parents are given this opportunity.” Frances McGrath, Good Feeding Co-Founder said. Bonnie Johnson, the company’s Director of Health Care Professional Outreach, added that they will be working closely with academics and medical professionals to curate content for the website.

“Good Feeding delivers solutions for palate training in a way that encourages flavor acceptance of foods like vegetables. This supports the development of positive lifelong eating practices and helps fight childhood obesity,” Phil McGrath, Good Feeding Co-Founder and CEO, said. “This effort, to help start babies on the journey to a healthy life by offering convenient feeding solutions and guidance to parents, caregivers, and pediatricians, is shared by PHA, which makes us natural allies,” he added.

The partnership with Good Feeding was announced in April at its virtual summit where Former First Lady and Honorary Chair of PHA, Michelle Obama, delivered the opening remarks. Through the ‘Shaping Early Palates’ Initiative, PHA is partnering with early childhood educators, baby food manufacturers, and other key stakeholders to disrupt the marketplace and create options to help parents  raise lifelong veggie lovers. Good Feeding is playing a leading role in PHA’s latest effort to educate parents on the importance of flavor training as solid foods are introduced, and guide them in developing healthier food habits as they grow older.

“Palate training is an essential but misunderstood and under-promoted strategy for imparting healthier eating habits to infants and toddlers,” Nancy E. Roman, CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America, said.  “Good Feeding is well-positioned to become the key online infant and nutrition destination for parents and caregivers, and we applaud their commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America’s Shaping Early Palates Initiative.”

Good Feeding will be collaborating with food industry experts and healthcare professionals to develop trustworthy resources backed by science for parents, caregivers, and pediatricians. Good Feeding’s resource center will equip them with information, guidance and strategies to exploit the flavor training window in children (between ages 0-7 months), introducing them to a broad range of tastes, and promoting the acceptance and even preference of vegetables. Besides developing healthy eating habits, this approach also supports the fight against childhood obesity.

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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