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For Name’s Sake: The Complexity of Naming A Medical Device

It is essential to have a proper name for a medical device that speaks for the function of it and is also not scary. Medical device naming is especially challenging as it is crowded with trademarks.

Like any other sector, healthcare too has naming inspiration from Latin, Greek and Sanskrit words. From drugs, pharma products, to surgical equipment and other medical devices, there are many products with names from these ancient languages. Since these names are different, there are less of trademark issues but, can sound too difficult for its users. The names need to be pleasing to the ear, not sound very different and/or too technical and mechanical.

The target audience of the product must always be kept in mind. Though it is impossible to please everyone, the least is not offending others while focusing on one kind of audience.

Consider a name to the performance of the product, it may appeal to the doctors and surgeons but, might send negative messages to administrators and even patients. It is important to keep the balance, as there is often an entire team of administrators, doctors and other experts that choose the device to be used or invested in.

It is also necessary to consider that trademark and patent databases are cluttered with musically and artistically inspired device names. Finding the one which is accepted by all and is different is going to be extremely difficult.

Experts suggest that while choosing an abstract or a fancy name, the makers must try to find works that are used and are recognizable. This will solve the burden of explaining the clients the meaning of the names and their reason to use here. For example, for any product made for the eye, ‘iris’ become a good word to play with as people recognize it and relate it to the eye.

Medtech companies also need to consider that the FDA regulates device names. While naming the devices, there has to be limitation according to the limitations of the device too. The name cannot suggest features that the device doesn’t include yet. Such names can lead to the rejection of a device as it leads to false impressions of its effectiveness.

While naming medical products and devices, it’s essential to stand out of the crowd, but not so much that the name is painful to say or even is difficult to relate to the function of the device.

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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