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Flags Of Gratitude For Healthcare Workers & Veterans

The world has really come together throughout this year despite the difficulties surrounding COVID-19. We have seen celebrities reaching out and donating, we have seen adults helping adults, but what warms a mother’s heart the most is when they see children making a difference. This year has shown to parent’s just what their children are made of and it is apparently all sunshine and kindness. Children who have reached out to honor healthcare workers and those who are fighting so hard to keep us all safe and protected.

According to Good News Network, an 11-year-old artist is working hard to spread some thanks in her neighborhood. Callie Danysh has been making her way across Morris Township in New Jersey to spread some gratitude around the places where healthcare workers work.

She calls them “Flags of Gratitude” and she makes them all herself. She paints the image on every single one and adds words of inspiration. Messages of support and thanks to those who come across them. She wants all the healthcare workers to know just how grateful everyone is for their hard work and dedication during this time.

Callie has made 2,000 of these flags and she has been placing them strategically around her town for workers to come across them. It surely brightens up anyone’s day when they come across them. She has expanded her gratitude journey beyond healthcare workers as well. On November 11th, Callie took some specially made flags and spread them out at the Veterans of Foreign Wars site to honor those who have served their country.

Callie is also using this as a way to raise money to help others. In the month of July, she was able to raise $1,000 to help get food and clothing to people who are in need. She is now working on raising money for Good Grief, an organization that helps families who are suffering loss as well as an animal welfare organization.

Callie said that she enjoys what she is doing because she likes to spread kindness. She is printing out her designs on photo tiles so that anyone who donates can have something to keep and remember how much they helped. The world needs more people like Callie in it, and the only way we are going to get there is if we continue to raise our children to show their care and love for others always.

Sandesh Ilhe
Sandesh Ilhe
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