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Dr. Joel Greisen discusses flu vaccines and effects of social media

A doctor at Bryan Health in Lincoln is urging people, especially the parents of students, to get a flu vaccine before the end of October.

Dr. Joel Greisen is with Lincoln Pediatric Group and said more than 700 kids with various symptoms visited his office within the first month of the school year. However, only 33 school-aged kids tested positive for COVID-19.

“It’s telling us that there are certainly other viruses, other infections out there that are causing these symptoms,” Greisen said. “But I think as the winter comes on, we’re going to need to make sure that these kids are immunized appropriately, and flu vaccine is a big part of that.”

Lincoln Pediatric Group will hold another drive thru flu clinic this Saturday for their patients at their parking lot. Dr. Greisen said those who have never been immunized before need two doses this year, separated by about a month.

Prashant Tambe
Prashant Tambe
An expert in SEO, Prashant carries an experience of over five years in the industry. He has the ability to analyze global industry trends that helps the leaders to make smarter decisions. An electrical, electronics and communication engineer, Prashant is able to predict future trends as they are changing fast with technological development.