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Cybermdx Rated Highest In Frost & Sulivan’s Medical Device Security Outlook For North America

CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks, today announced that the company has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award as the leader in medical devices and assets security technology innovation in North America. The Technology Innovation Leadership Award recognizes companies that lead the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions to customers’ most pressing needs.

With increasing digitization of hospitals and a fast growing fleet of connected medical devices around the world, the quality and functionality of healthcare devices are at higher risk from data breaches than ever before. As such, cyber security is becoming an urgent requirement for all healthcare stakeholders to protect their critical medical devices and clinical assets on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, “CyberMDX demonstrates thought leadership, technical excellence, and a unique customization ability to strengthen healthcare security through its platform. It also empowers the continuous discovery of medical devices and intelligent micro-segmentation policies and responses during cyberattacks.”

CyberMDX developed its cyber intelligence platform to enable secure connectivity for medical devices and clinical assets. Through the platform’s real-time threat monitoring and prevention capabilities, the company addresses the growing security challenges of healthcare delivery organizations in protecting networked medical devices in IoMT, strengthening hospital network security and medical device protection. CyberMDX utilizes AI to enable HDOs to accurately inventory their full fleets of medical devices, providing an unrivaled level of visibility for security teams while also providing real time monitoring and threat prevention capabilities.

“Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of CyberMDX as the leader in medical device security innovation is exciting to see,” said Amir Magner, CEO of CyberMDX. “The award is a testament to the hard work of our team and the high level of value we deliver to the medical community. Our mission at CyberMDX is to enable healthcare delivery organizations worldwide to provide quality care by securing and protecting the systems and devices they rely on every day to treat illnesses and save lives.”

Sandesh Ilhe
Sandesh Ilhe
With an Engineers degree in Advanced Database Management and Information Security, Sandesh brings the deep understanding of the digital world to the table. His articles reflect the challenges and the complexities that come along with every disruption in the industry. He carries over six years of experience on working with websites and ensuring that the right article reaches the right reader.