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Consultant To Develop A Study On Strategies For The Affected Population To Access Healthcare

Consultant to develop a study on strategies for the affected population to access healthcare in Humanity and Inclusion’s area of intervention.

General objective: Understand the different barriers and facilitators for the affected population to access healthcare as a way of informing sustainable and durable health related interventions.

Specific objectives of the study:

1/ In-depth situation analysis on access to healthcare in the area of intervention–general and specialised services, including:

Ø Decision-making related to accesing healthcare. i.e. how healthcare is prioritised in household spending, especially among persons with disabilities and their families.

Ø Coping strategies which impact their physical and mental wellbeing that could lead to need for healthcare, especially among persons with disabilities and their families.

Ø Contextual limitations which impact provision of adequate health services –security, access, financial situation of health facilities, availability, accessibility and cost of transport, availability of quality and gender balance among health professionals etc.

Ø Analysis of above mentioned information vis a vis pre-identified barriers to health services.

Ø Collect and analyze data according to the intersections of age, gender and disability, identifying who and how they are the most excluded from health care.

2/ Based on the situation analysis results, provide recommendations of the possible interventions which would ensure durable, ethical and sustainable solutions to remove identified barriers, including Gender Age and Disability (GAD) inclusion principles.

3/ In coordination with programme and technical team, contextualise recommendations to HI interventions, including:

Ø Modality of intervention for the three sub-sectors: Rehabilitation, P&O, MHPSS.

Ø Priority geographical areas of intervention.

Ø GAD inclusion principles to inform programming and interventions.

The expected outputs of the consultancy are as follow:

  1. Inception report detailing proposed methodology and overview of secondary data review.
  2. A detailed plan for data collection inside and outside the area of intervention. This plan should include means to guarantee access to areas inside the area of intervention.
  3. Development and translation of data collection tools.
  4. Complete data set –from all areas/stakeholders covered in the data collection.
  5. Initial report on recommendations of the possible interventions for HI (as per point 2 of the Scope and Specific Objectives section).
  6. Facilitation of a workshop with HI technical and programme team.
  7. Final report detailing analyzed findings and recommendations (as per point 3 of the Scope and Specific Objectives section).


Essential criteria:

  1. Advanced University degree in public health, health economics or similar qualification.
  2. Proven experience in health system strengthening research (at least one paper/research on the subject)
  3. At least 5 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in conflict settings including use of NVivo, ATLAS or other qualitative data collection software; SPSS, Stata or other quantitative data collection software.
  4. Proven ability to work in a multicultural setting (work experience certificates/ at least one study research done in multicultural context).
  5. Proven ability to deliver in a timely manner within cost and quality standards (At least two reference from past consultancies).
  6. Good writing and reporting skills. (at least one article/paper/report to be shared)
  7. Willingness to travel to in the middle east region (if context allows).
  8. English fluent ( written; at least a copy of report/article/research to be submitted and oral)

Desirable criteria:

  1. Experience in conducting studies aiming to capture qualitative information about vulnerable groups, especially using the GAD lens (at least two studies/research on similar subject).
  2. Arabic speaker.
  3. PhD degree in public health, health economics or similar qualification.


Work days will be distributed between October 2020 – November 2020 with a maximum of 45 working days.

Prashant Tambe
Prashant Tambe
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