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clamoring sound of car horns flooded the MountainView Regional Medical Center parking lot Wednesday

The clamoring sound of car horns flooded the MountainView Regional Medical Center parking lot Wednesday as about 30 vehicles drove by decorated with colorful balloons signs with motivational messages like “Thank you,” “You got this” and “We care.”

The caravan, organized by the hospital’s administration, was an effort to appreciate the work the hospital’s staff has done for the past 10 months through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The thought was to find an opportunity for the public to just say thank you,” said Ben Woods, director of marketing and business development at MountainView.

“It’s evident to everybody that (the pandemic) is just growing more intense with just greater and greater demands being put on our nurses, our technicians, our providers and everyone in our hospitals.”

Hospital staffs around the state have been stretched attending to a rising number of COVID-19 patients. On Tuesday, the state posted daily records of 2,112 new cases, 28 deaths and 754 hospitalizations related to the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus.

A caravan drives through the MountainView Regional Medical Center parking lot to recognize the work of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.

MountainView, one of two large hospitals in Doña Ana County, has received letters, drawings, posters and even food from the community to let the medical staff know their work is recognized, Woods said. The caravan was another way for the public to safely show gratitude.

Families with kids, senior citizens in vintage cars, a Las Cruces Fire Department truck and Las Cruces police officers showed up for the healthcare caravan.

More than 30 vehicles drove through the MountainView parking lot to thank hospital staff for their work during the pandemic Wednesday afternoon.

Nellie Tate and her two children decorated their white van with a a blue and gold banner and a two signs reading “Stay Strong” and “Thank you.”

“We’re here to support all the health care workers that work very hard during this time. We just wanted to come and say thank you for the hours they put in,” Tate said.

As drivers, each honking their car horns, drove by the hospital entrance, nurses, doctors, janitors and hospital security came out to greet the caravan. Anna Grado and Marisela Gonzalez who work in housekeeping at the hospital, stood at a back entrance of the medical center watching the caravan.

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