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52% of Medicare Beneficiaries Say More Should Be Done to Protect Vulnerable Groups from COVID-19, eHealth Survey Finds

According to a new survey of nearly 3,000 Medicare beneficiaries released today by eHealth, Inc., more than half (52%) say that not enough is being done to protect those at greater risk from the COVID-19 coronavirus and 25% say they know someone who has come down with the virus.

eHealth’s survey also found that more than a third (37%) of Medicare beneficiaries have experienced a loss of income as a direct or indirect results of the coronavirus.

“Medicare beneficiaries are by definition among those at greater risk from the COVID-19 coronavirus, and their concerns deserve special attention,” said eHealth CEO Scott Flanders. “Our survey shows they’re taking social distancing seriously and finding new ways to keep in touch with loved ones, but a majority feel that more should be done to protect the vulnerable, and a surprising number are also suffering from loss of income as a result of the crisis.”

Additional highlights from eHealth’s survey:

  • Many cannot afford the cost of coronavirus hospitalization: 46% say they could not afford the out-of-pocket costs they would face if hospitalized for coronavirus.
  • Nearly all Medicare beneficiaries are socially isolating: 98% say they are socially isolating, with 81% leaving their homes fewer than 3 times per week; 68% say they are using new technologies to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Political differences lead to different judgments of the government’s response: 58% of likely Republican voters say they have “high confidence” in the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis, compared to 7% of likely Democratic voters.

eHealth’s findings are based on a voluntary survey of Medicare beneficiaries who purchased Medicare health insurance products through eHealth. The survey was conducted between April 9 and 10, 2020, and a total of 2,913 responses were collected.

Meeta Ramnani
Meeta Ramnani
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